With the launch of Grandmaster Flash's new logo, you have a chance to win new Grandmaster Flash merchandise! 

How To Enter: 

1. Take a picture of yourself, a friend or your surroundings! Make sure your images are clean and free of too much background clutter. 

2. Download your choice of Grandmaster Flash logos below and add to your image of choice using PhotoBlender App or another similar app.

3. White logo is best for dark images; Black logo is best for light images.

4. Post your final image to Instagram or Facebook and hashtag #GreatMusic for a chance to win Flash’s new merchandise! 

Disclaimer: The download buttons below will open the respective image in your browser. When viewing on mobile devices, tap and hold to save to your camera roll. The white graphic will appear as a blank screen, but we promise it’s there. 

Get some inspiration with these example photos: